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Clubs Rules And Regulations

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Posted on Mon May 27, 2013 1:25 pm

Here are the rules of the "Clubs" section. Please read them very carefully.

You can suggest your Club introduction in this topic: Club Proposals (Click on the "Post Reply" button).

It's useless to try and post anywhere else, you are not allowed to do so.

In this topic Club Proposals, you are allowed to post only once to Request your Clubs.

You must include these following points in your introduction:

  1. Club Title: Where Your Club Title Will Appear
  2. Main Character: To Be More Specific In Your Club
  3. Main language: to help you to attract people who speak the same language. NOTICE: Only Clubs in English/Japanese will be accepted.
  4. Club description:
    aims to describe your Club, and its content, in a clear and precise
    way (Theme of the Club, its purpose, etc.). If you put screenshots,
    please use thumbnails, to avoid to enlarge the forum frames (If needed
    ,you can do that on ImageShack by using the link called "Club Thumbnail")

Please Put A Club Banner (If You Dont Put A Banner Automatically It Will Be Denied).

If your presentation respects these 5 rules, a moderator will move your
message in the chosen category, within a reasonable period of time
(average of 48 hours). If your presentation doesn't respect one or more
of the points mentioned above your presentation will be refused and the
reason/reasons why it has been refused will be mentioned by the

Don't forget that the introduction you'll post about your Club, will also be the showcase
of the Club you're presenting. Make sure that it is precise and that
it gives desire for others to visit your Club .

Once your presentation is posted, you mustn't post in the Club Proposals
topic. If a major change occurs on your Club, you have the
possibility to reply in your presentation topic to notify the
modifications to everyone.

Exclamation Caution: Only extra messages containing the following subjects will be allowed :

  • Club Recruitment
  • major changes in the Club
  • new rules added
  • new Discussion or Video added
  • major news/changes on your Club.


  • to make a presentation for a Club that has not been created on AnimeFans.
  • to post a presentation if you are not at least Member on This Forum.(Well You Cannot Post If You Are Guest )
  • to promote Clubs with sexual content
  • to promote Clubs that break AnimeFan Rules And Regulations

Note : We recommend you use This Kind Of Presentation instead of the normal one, a complete presentation is always better Wink

AnimeFan Team

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